Natural ways to Get Rid of Endometriosis

Natural ways to Get Rid of EndometriosisEndometriosis is a painful condition and finding natural ways to get rid of endometriosis is an easy way to get speedy relief from the pain and may help with the condition overall. Following are the ways to treat endometriosis and the related pain naturally.

  • Healthy Eating habits

The main aim of eating healthy foods for endometriosis is to reduce estrogen levels, maximize energy and relieve painful cramps. Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts contain indoles, which seem to improve metabolism of estrogen. Calcium rich Spinach, celery, cucumbers plays an essential role in lowering pelvic pains and muscular cramps of endometriosis. Beans (Lima, mung, black eyed peas) are extremely beneficial in alleviating symptoms of Endometriosis. Drinking juices of papaya, grapes, pineapple, mango is the most effective natural food to treat Endometriosis. The inflammation and cramps are caused mainly by an excessive prostaglandin. Omega-3 fatty acid rich foods like fish (salmon) and oils (walnut) balances prostaglandin levels and slows down the development of endometrial tissue. Peanuts are one of the effective natural ways to get rid of endometriosis. Avoid consumption of red meat and dairy products including milk, cheese, eggs because these can aggravate endometriosis symptoms.Avoid alcohol and coffee to get fast relief from endometriosis pain.

  • Regular Exercise

Keeps estrogen levels down and thus ensures the condition does not get worsen.Helps the symptoms to settle down and works magic for endometriosis. Maintaining a healthy body weight can be accomplished through exercise which in turn will help to cope with endometriosis.

  • Herbs

Herbs serves as natural ways to gid rid of endometriosis. Wild yam, evening primrose oil and red raspberry gives relief for bleeding and cramps. Chasteberry enhances pelvic circulation. Chamomile oil reduces inflammation. Lignan in flaxseeds can be used to regulate endometrial cancer.Ginger tea is efficient in reducing nausea related to endometriosis. Crampbark and valerian are natural pain relievers. Goldenseal relaxes uterine muscles, decreases bleeding and endometrial growths. Echinacea helps fight endometriosis by enhancing the immunity assisting the body to get rid of endometrial cells.

  • Proper Sleep

When you sleep properly, the body rejuvenates and is fresh with energy and thus helps to manage the pains and cramps of endometriosis.

  • Stress Reduction

Excessive cortisol plays a critical role in the acceleration of endometriosis. Prolonged stress elevates of cortisol and results in hormonal imbalance.

  • Increased Water Intake

Drinking plenty of water will remove all the toxins and unwanted fluids in the body and helps in digestion. This will enable blood circulation in pelvic region thus helps to cope up with endometriosis symptoms. Applying ice to pelvic area for fifteen to twenty minutes and repeating this several times will relieve pain.

The traditional treatments like surgery, pain killer, birth control products and hormone therapies are often followed by dangerous side effects. Natural treatments can easily wipe Natural ways to Treat Endometriosisout the pain caused by endometriosis and are affordable, easily available and mainly they do not trigger any side effect. So using natural ways to get rid of endometriosis is the best preferred compared to traditional treatments.

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